Eco Wave Power Shortlisted for the Erasmus Energy Awards

Eco Wave Power, an innovative wave energy developer, was shortlisted for the Prestigious Erasmus Energy Awards to be held as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2015, in the Netherlands. The Erasmus Energy Business Award nominations were judged based on the novelty of the project’s approach and proposal, as well as the quality and value of the business potential and its contribution to the planet. The final nominees were chosen by a panel of six judges, who felt that Eco Wave Power's novelty stood out in comparison to the rest of the submissions. Yesterday, Dr. Marcel van Oosterhout from Erasmus University notified EWP's representatives of their nomination. According to Dr. Oosterhout : "Eco Wave Power is a Finalist because its technology is well engineered and smart.” In addition, "The on-site and near-site locations are easily accessible” and “manufacturing costs are low.” He expressed that "Eco Wave Power has high potential as becoming a leading wave energy company". David Leb and Inna Braverman the co-founders of Eco Wave Power, expressed that they are very pleased to have been shortlisted to the Erasmus Energy Awards and stated that “We are proud of our technology, our accomplishments, and our hardworking team of engineers and management. We look forward to keep leading the commercialization of the wave energy field" This recognition is in continuity to EWP's previous accomplishments, among which are: Frost and Sullivan Innovation Award , 2012 Business Green Leaders Awards, 2013 Mixiii Innovation Award , 2014 Energy Globe Awards for Best Project in Israel, 2014 About Eco Wave Power Eco Wave Power has developed its proprietary state-of-the-art wave energy converters, called the “Wave Clapper” and the “Power Wing.” These hi-tech wave energy converters rise and fall with the up and down motion, lifting force, change of water level, hydraulic air lock, and incident flux of waves. The converters are attached by robust arms to any type of structure, such as breakwaters, piers, jetties, floating barriers, and fixed platforms. The Wave Clapper and the Power Wing are fully equipped with sensors, which continuously monitor the performance of the various subsystems and surrounding ocean environment. In the event of upcoming storms, the system will automatically recognize the type of waves, and decide whether to raise the converters over the water level, or submerge them under water, to protect them from damage. About Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) of Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management (RSM) of Erasmus University ranks in the top 50 best schools of management globally. RSM is among the 1% of business schools worldwide with Triple Crown Accreditation, meaning they are accredited by all three international, independent accreditation committees, as well as regional and independent accreditation bodies. RSM is a leader in research and development as well as preparing MBA students for executive roles. Background of Dr. Marcel van Oosterhout holds a PhD in defense. Dr. Marcel van Oosterhout has held prestigious positions such as treasurer, and member of the executive committee of the merged department of Technology & Operations Management; Dr. Oosterhout also is active as business director for the Erasmus Centre of Future Energy Business and has previously worked in the European Commission, National and local governments (such as Ministry of Economic Affairs, Gemeente Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam). For further information on Eco Wave Power, click here. Contact us at: Join our mission, like us, and follow our progress on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.
Prime Minister of Netherlands Mr. Mark Rutte and Inna Braverman

Prime Minister of Netherlands Mr. Mark Rutte and Inna Braverman at the UN caring for cliamate Summit Sep/2014